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14-String Shredder Felix Martin Releases New Track/Video “Flashback”


As a fan and champion of progressive metal you’ve no doubt faced criticism from friends claiming that the music you love is all flash, no substance, that it’s all wank without any discernible songs.

Next time your close-minded friends try and advance such an argument, point them in the direction of Felix Martin’s new track “Flashback.”

Not only does it have a standard, discernible song structure — one which follows a similar format as any pop song on the radio today, and is only three-and-a-half minutes long — but the fact that the instrumentation of Martin (with his custom 14-string axe) and his band members (bassist Kilian Duarte and drummer Victor A. Carracedo) is so fucking insane underscores the point that your friends’ criticisms are based in aesthetics rather than the music itself. That Martin’s music doesn’t have vocals won’t help your cause — most normies need vocals to latch onto — but hopefully you can get the point across anyway.

“Flashback” comes from Mechanical Nations, mixed by the great Jamie King (BTBAM), which will be released on February 24th; pre-order here.

[via Billboard]

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