Yob’s Mike Schiedt Recovering from Intestinal Surgery, GoFundMe Launched


Yob guitarist Mike Scheidt underwent surgery in January for diverticulitis, a severe infection of the digestive tract that made it impossible for him to eat food without “extreme pain and fever, with uncontrollable rigors and chills.” The surgeon who performed the operation to remove a portion of his large intestine said that Scheidt “would have been dead within a few days” had he tried to persevere through his latest attack, and indicated a follow-up surgery is required mid-March.

The good news: the initial surgery was successful and Scheidt is recovering well. The bad news: the medical costs are mounting, despite Scheidt’s rare and fortunate (amongst musicians) possession of health insurance.

To help cover the medical expenses that insurance won’t (as well as rent, bills, lost wages, etc.), a GoFundMe campaign has been launched. An excerpt from the statement accompanying the campaign reads:

Mike is a humble man, and not one to ask for help. That made his recent hospitalization all the more dire, because he fought against the pain and resisted a sense of weakness. But after a certain point, the only intervention that could save his life was a painful and costly surgery that removed a part of his intestines. Mike was literally within hours of death. Miraculously, he is still with us.

Luckily, Mike is insured. So, if all goes well, the vast medical bills (past and future—there is another surgery scheduled for mid-March) are not going to ruin him. However, as we all know, there are deductibles, co-pays, and prescriptions that add up. More to the point, there is rent, bills, and lost wages. At the moment, he needs to take time off while he recovers from the life-threatening illness Diverticulitis.

At present, Yob fans, friends and family have donated nearly $16,000 of the campaign’s $25,000 goal. Let’s help him get all the way there! Donate here.

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