Eddie Hermida Says Mitch Lucker Was Learning to Sing So He Could Add Clean Vocals to Suicide Silence

  • Axl Rosenberg

The same way Metallica fans love to say that if Cliff Burton had never died the band would never have made [Insert Title of Your Least Favorite Post-Burton Metallica Album Here], so Suicide Silence fans are now asserting that if Mitch Lucker was still alive, Suicide Silence would never have introduced clean vocals on their new, self-titled album.

Unfortunately for those fans, that claim may be nonsense. Lucker’s successor, Eddie Hermida, tells Revolver that while his other band, All Shall Perish, was touring with Suicide Silence in 2011…

“I had a conversation with Mitch about the future of deathcore and the future for Suicide Silence. And he said he had started taking [vocal] lessons on The Black Crown and that the next record they did would probably have some sort of clean vocals. So even when I first joined Suicide Silence, I knew this next record would have some.”

Which is not hard to believe. Playing with clean vocals is basically a right of passage in this day and age. The only time you should really be taken aback by bands trying them out is if Corpsegrinder ever does it. Otherwise, just accept it as an inevitability and hope it doesn’t turn out that your favorite frontman is the next Phil Labonte. That’s all any of us can ask for, really.

[via Metal Injection]

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