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Slipknot and Korn Music Banned at U.S. Department of Defense Command Post


Nickelback have been, and always will be, the butt of all sorts of jokes. From Arnold Schwarzenegger to Canadian cops to Saturday Night Live to Facebook‘s Mark Zuckerberg, no one can resist taking a swipe at Canada’s most popular rock exports.

To that end, seeing their name appear on a list of banned bands at a U.S. Department of Defense Command Post isn’t surprising. Nor is the inclusion of Creed or, to a lesser extent, Smash Mouth.

But Slipknot and Korn? I mean, I get it — I’ve never liked Korn, and I understand why folks don’t enjoy Slipknot — but doesn’t lumping them in with Nickelsuck seem a bit unfair?

Supposing a true metalhead signed the order — the photo of which was first shared on Twitter by Geoffrey Ingersoll, a U.S. marine — I’d understand if his ideal command post playlist included Cannibal Corpse, Cattle Decapitation, Portal, Gorguts or whatever else. But at least Slipknot are kinda heavy, ya know? It’s better than whatever country music or hip hop the other guys wanna blare.

Or maybe that’s just it: whoever signed this order hates the sound of distorted guitars.

In any case, it warms my heart to know that our hard-earned tax dollars continue to fund people who think metal is offensive and their ridiculous initiatives. Yayyyyy ‘Murica!

[via Metal Insider]

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