Ex Of Mice & Men Vocalist Austin Carlile and Trivium’s Paolo Gregoletto Get Into an Online Sparring Match Over Vaccinations

  • Axl Rosenberg

We don’t cover Of Mice & Men much here on MetalSucks, because a) their position as a metal band is kinda questionable, and b) we really don’t appreciate their music. But I wanna say upfront, I know Austin Carlile has been going through a hard time. He parted ways with Of Mice & Men on disagreeable terms, claiming that the band “were trying to silence my voice.” I have no idea if that’s true or not (and honestly, I don’t really care), but what’s worse is that he’s afflicted with Marfan syndrome, which I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. I sympathize.

That being said, Austin Carlile is a shithead.

Exhibit A: he recently lined up behind such academic luminaries as Jenny McCarthy and Adam Baldwin to declare that vaccinations are evil.


This is one of those conspiracy theories that’s right up there with “global warming is a hoax” in terms of total nonsense. Scientists have disproven it again and again and again. To say nothing of that fact that it just doesn’t make any real sense in plain terms. Who, pray tell, benefits from vaccinations that turn kids into ADHD asthmatics with autism? How do you explain the literally millions of babies that do get vaccinated with no such side effects? Are you saying all of the thousands of doctors and scientists in favor of vaccinations are on someone’s payroll? The logic of the assertion falls apart pretty quickly under less-than-intense scrutiny.

Enter Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto, who dared to introduce intelligence and reason into the conversation:


Carlile then deleted his tweet about vaccinations and sent these out in their place:


Wow, he really showed Paolo. That medical evidence is irrefutable proof that…

Oh wait. He didn’t present medical evidence. He sarcastically cited a series of untrue facts as a way of… uh… what, exactly? What is the connection between the naiveté of believing the earth is flat vs. the naiveté of thinking that vaccinations are bad? Don’t get me wrong, no one appreciates sarcastic snark more than I do, but there oughta be some thought behind it, right? Like if I said “Donald Trump is a crook” and someone responded “No he’s going to make America great again!”, I could then say, “Sure, and Austin Carlile is talented,” and it would be funny, but it wouldn’t actually address the argument being made.

Paolo’s point about the irony of Carlile, of all people, being so disrespectful to the medical profession is also dead on. Has Carlile ever asked the doctors who take care of him about vaccinations? Assuming he did and they said, “Yeah, vaccinations are a good thing,” then is he assuming those doctors are lying to him? Are they trying to kill him? If so, why does he still seek their help? Again, there’s just logic behind this assertion.

Luckily, we won’t still be having this argument in a hundred years. After all the nutjobs don’t get their kids vaccinated, those kids will die, and there will be no one left to pass on this “warning.” So this shit’ll work itself out eventually.

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