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Pianist Vanesa Jalife Shows Off a Beautiful Rendition of Insomnium’s “Ill-Starred Son”


I’ve never seen any of pianist Vanesa Jalife’s previous material, but she is most definitely on my radar now. She recently released a video of her covering Insomnium’s “Ill-Starred Son.” Considering this is one of my favorite Insomnium songs, I expected to dismiss it almost immediately in favor of the original. But after giving it a listen, I’m not sure how she could’ve done this more justice.

Jalife has managed to rearrange the track to fit piano perfectly, stripping it of its heaviness while adding an almost playful quality that compliments the original recording well. What remains is a woeful tune that expresses beauty and sorrow in equal measure.

The video is below, as per usual, and you’ll find a link to her YouTube page right here. If you dig the arrangement, give her a subscribe. She doesn’t have too many followers yet, and considering she’s released covers from a variety of death metal bands like Cattle Decapitation, Suffocation, and Be’lakor, it would be great to show her some support.

[via Metal Injection]

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