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This Custom Made Lemmy Fire Pit is Off the Chain


You wanna see a WWWWAAAAAYYYY cooler tribute to Lemmy than the unflattering statue they erected at the Rainbow? Check out this custom made fire pit, created by an artist known as ‘Sjaak’ for a Dutch company called Kustom Fire Pits. It’s so rad. IT SHOOTS FIRE OUT OF ITS HEAD, YOU GUYS.


According to Dangerous Minds, this brilliant creation took 120 hours to make and weighs eighty-eight pounds… which is to say, you’re probably not getting one. Hopefully, whomever has this thing on their property now will throw some massive parties so others can enjoy it, too.

Dangerous Minds also had some photos of a different Lemmy fire put. They didn’t make it clear if this one by is also by Sjaak or not…

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…but this one is by Sjaak, and while it may not be of Lemmy, it is about as metal as metal gets:


See more of Sjaak’s creations here.

Thanks to Emperor Rhombus for the heads up!

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