The New Suicide Silence Album’s First Week Sales are Only 30% of their Last Album’s First Week Sales

  • Axl Rosenberg

Assuming the consumers vote with their wallets, then the votes are in, and I, the dude who likes the new Suicide Silence record, am officially in the minority.

Metal Injection reports that Suicide Silence, released by Nuclear Blast on February 24, “sold 4,650 copies – a staggering 69% drop from the first week sales of 2014’s You Can’t Stop Me, which sold 15,000.” The Black Crown (2011) and No Time to Bleed (2009) each sold 14,000 copies their first week. That means that Suicide Silence sold fewer copies in its first week than any album since their debut, The Cleansing (2007).

As when Avenged Sevenfold posted disappointing first week sales last year, I think it’s worth noting that Suicide Silence still hit a sales figure for which a lot of metal bands would kill. Still, it’s hard not to interpret this as a mass rejection of the risky, ambitious material featured on Suicide Silence.

For better or worse, that probably means that the next Suicide Silence album will be You Still Can’t Stop Me, so to speak. But they shouldn’t fret too hard. If Metallica can bounce back from Load… and Reload… and St. Anger… and Lulu… then surely, they can bounce back from this.

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