Progress Report: Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri One Year After Admitting That He’s Been “an Egotistical, Psychotic, Moronic Douche”


On March 4 of last year, MetalSucks ran a story about an interview Frankie Palmeri gave in which he made this startling admission:

“Over the years, specifically the last decade, I have done a pretty good job at painting myself as an egotistical, psychotic, moronic douche. I did and said a lot of stupid shit.

“A good portion of it which I look back in with embarrassment and regret. I have grown so much as person and I like to think there is still chance for people to understand that everyone grows differently and at their own pace. I am still growing but, I am not the person people have made me out to be.”

Given that actions speak louder than words, at the time, I suggest that we “revisit this in a year and see what kind of progress he’s made.” Which I completely forgot about, but then MetalSucks reader Daniel H. e-mailed us to basically ask, “So, how is Frankie doing?” (thanks, Daniel!). So let’s discuss Frankie’s development with regards to his own three self-accusations:

I. Egotismpalmeri-i-heart-me

In January, Palmeri gave an interview during which, when asked about Emmure’s former members, the frontman asserted that “no-one even knows who the fuck those guys are.”

Meanwhile, Emmure’s new album, Look at Yourself, begins with a song called “Shinjuku Masterlord” in which Palmeri tries to prove how little he gives a fuck about the haters via this convincing argument, made repeatedly in the song’s chorus:

Do you really think I give a fuck?
Because I don’t
And let me ask you one more time
You think I give a fuck?
Because I don’t

These do not really seem like the words of a reformed egotist, now, do they?


II. Psychoticism

I think this was actually a mis-categorization; without having actually consulted the DSM-5, I’d classify Palmeri as a schizophrenic. Psychotics are basically sociopaths, lacking empathy for their victims; schizophrenics hear voices and perceive conspiracies where there are none. As of late, Palmeri has remained surprisingly mum on topics like lizard messiahs and Masonic plots against Street Fighter or whatever, so we’re not entirely clear on where he currently stands on these issues. But we’re willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he hasn’t mentioned these things because he’s gotten at least a partial grip on reality.


III. Moronic Douchiness

One of the pre-order packages for Look at Yourself included a shirt which clearly depicted a battered woman, despite Palmeri’s nonsensical assertion that “the shirt design is in no way endorsing nor portraying domestic violence. the art was not meant to depict a beaten women, but a person with drug related issues.” We are still searching for any clue whatsoever that the shirt was meant to depict a woman suffering from substance abuse. But as far as we can tell, Palmeri basically expected people to psychically intuit this information.


Conclusion: Uhhh…

Better luck next year, Frankie.

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