Full of Hell Announce New Album, Release New Song

  • Axl Rosenberg

Full of Hell have announced that they’ll release their third full-length, Trumpeting Ecstasy, on May 5 via Profound Lore. I’d like they chose to reference the instrument they chose to reference as a not-so-thinly-veiled reference to a certain anthropomorphic Cheeto current wreaking havoc on society, but I’m probaly reading too much into that. Regardless, here’s the cover art, which appears to depict a nun so very full of Hell that she can’t even contain it any more:


Below is the opening song from the album, “Deluminate,” which is an upbeat lil’ ditty that’s sure to brighten your day (sample lyric: “Once more we’re thrust into the vacuum of God’s yawning maw”). It’s not even a minute long, so don’t be a dick, just fucking listen to it, you’ll thank me if fifty-eight seconds:

You’re SO welcome!

Pre-order Trumpeting Ecstasy in a wide variety of formats here. In addition to being so crushing as to make nuns spontaneously combust, it features guest appearances from Aaron Turner (Sumac/Old Man Gloom/Mamiffer/Isis), Nate Newton (Converge/Old Man Gloom)!

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