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Paul Gray’s Shit is Up for Sale

  • Axl Rosenberg

Hey, Slipknot fans: if you’ve got some extra dough burning a hole in your pocket, this may interest you.

Next month, Backstage Auctions is launching the “Paul Gray All Access Legacy Auction,” which is just a nice way of saying they’re selling a bunch of the late bass player’s stuff. Said stuff for sale includes:

  • Instruments such as “Gray’s oldest Warwick bass guitars that date back to the recording of the first Slipknot album” and “a selection of Ibanez guitars used on his final tour with Slipknot in 2009.”
  • “[A] wide range of apparel that was worn by Paul Gray over the years, including no less than three authentic jumpsuits.”
  • Personal items like “road used duffle bags and sweaty wristbands to toiletry items and even Paul’s ECG / Blood Pressure monitor that he traveled with on tour with Slipknot.”
  • Signed items, including “a vintage Iowa 8 x 10 inch Roadrunner press photo, as well as a scarce All Hope is Gone tour program.”
  • Record awards, which are those shiny plaques you get when your band sells X number of albums. There will be “over a dozen” of these available (which I assume means there are thirteen because otherwise why not just name the specific number?), including “the platinum RIAA award for selling one million copies of the 1999 Slipknot debut album.”

All of this is to raise money for Gray’s daughter, October. So it’s a chance to help out a little girl and own some cool memorabilia. I have to imagine most of this stuff will be ex-pen-sive, but who knows, maybe you can get a sweet deal on Gray’s toiletries or something.

The auctions begins on April 1. Get details here.

[via Lambgoat]

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