Beastie Boys DJ Mix Master Mike Joins Metallica’s Summer Tour


In addition to Avenged Sevenfold, Volbeat, and (on select dates) Gojira, Mix Master Mike will now be part of Metallica’s summer stadium tour. According to a statement from the band, the Beastie Boys DJ “will be spinning some of your favorite (and ours!) hard rock and metal tracks throughout the evening” on all dates of the trek.

I saw Mix Master Mike open for Buckethead-era Guns N’ Roses and the crowd was really not into his performance, during which he basically did live remixes of various popular metal songs. But that was like fifteen years ago, and fans today might be more receptive. Also, that wasn’t in-between sets all night long, it was one solid thirty-minute support slot. I think this format, whereby he’ll basically serve the purpose of vamping in-between bands, will probably go over much better. Assuming, that is, he’s smart enough not to play this:

Get dates for the tour here.

[via The PRP]

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