Photo Caption Contest

Photo Caption Contest: Win a Roadrunner Records Hoodie!



Last week we offered a shot at winning a Roadrunner Records logo t-shirt for coming up with a caption to the above photo that made us chuckle. The two winners are:

  • Biff Clurton: “She wants a snack, snack, snack, snack, hot dog bu-u-un.”
  • 00ps Nam3 Tak3n: “Blood colored condiments may be uber goth, but ketchup is for toddlers. Now bring me another hot dog with mustard only!”

This week we’re giving away two Roadrunner Records logo hoodies to keep you warm through the end of this never-ending winter. All you need to do to win is comment with a caption to the below photo, and we’ll choose our favorites next Thursday and announce them here.


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