Did Paul Ryan Blare Papa Roach’s “Last Resort” in His SUV After Trump Healthcare Defeat?


In case you missed it earlier today, House Republicans — led by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan — decided to pull their healthcare legislation from the floor before it even went to vote. Facing opposition from both hard-line conservatives and moderate Republicans, the bill wouldn’t have had enough votes to pass.

And then a very, very funny thing happened: a screen cap began making the rounds on Twitter, allegedly from a New York Times report, in which it was said that Ryan was heard blasting Papa Roach’s “Last Resort” in his SUV as he was whisked away from the White House:

Paul Ryan Papa Roach

The image is quite obviously Photoshopped — the type face sizes aren’t even consistent — but that didn’t stop overzealous liberals (myself included!) from suspending disbelief for a moment and celebrating the notoriously straight-laced paper’s searing burn against Ryan.

The reference isn’t entirely out of left field; Ryan claimed to be a Rage Against the Machine fan during his vice presidential run in 2012 (and subsequently got bitch-slapped by Tom Morello) and he used Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” at a rally during that same run before Dee Snider shut that shit right down. So, like, he enjoys heavy rock music sometimes.

The actual NY Times report was way less of a zinger, but we can still all celebrate that 24 million Americans won’t be losing health care over the next several years.

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