Glenn Danzig Blames California Wild Fires on Terrorists


Oh, Glenn. Whether it’s French onion soup, kitty litter or motherfuckin’ bricks, it’s always something. Bless your little, blackened heart.

The latest: Danzig suggested in an interview with Los Angeles radio station 95.5 KLOS that wild fires in California were perpetrated by terrorists:

“I have a theory about fires in California: terrorism. It’s maximum amount of carnage for the littlest amount of money: a match and a can of gas. And you go out and [find] a brush and boom! It doesn’t cost a lot of money [and] it’s done. That’s really what it’s about, right?

“If you’re gonna outlaw guns, some guy just decides he’s gonna plow a giant truck into a ton of people in France and kills way more people.

“If somebody wants to do something terrible like that, they’re gonna do it.”

Which, OK: he’s not wrong that starting wild fires would be a fantastic way for terrorists to cause a maximum amount of damage a very small amount of money and effort.

But it completely ignores the fact that terrorists want to be identified as terrorists to spread their mission of fear and terror, and literally no single person in the U.S. has come forward and declared they’ve started a wild fire in the name of jihad. Glenn’s claim also grossly skews a statistic in a recent study showing that 84% of wild fires are started by humans, assuming Danzig had any rationale for his “theory” at all (fires started by discarded cigarette butts, fire pits, fireworks and all other sorts of unintentional ignition all count as “started by humans”).

I’m tempted to lambast Danzig for his carelessness with words, but really, what would there be to write about if not for his lunacy? Party on, bro.

[via Blabbermouth]

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