Make “Plans” to Listen to the New Royal Thunder Song

  • Axl Rosenberg

Royal Thunder’s new album, Wick, is challenging. I’m honestly not ready to levy judgment on it, but I will say this: this just-released song from the album, “Plans,” perfectly demonstrates everything great, and maybe not-so-great, about the record.

The great: Mlny Parsonz has an a-fuckin’-mazing voice, and the music is beautiful

The not-so-great: the song doesn’t really go anywhere. There’s one sorta chorus and that’s it. Of course, music doesn’t have to adhere to traditional pop verse-chorus-verse song structures, but the track is a bit of a plateau… it never quite goes anywhere. It just kinda repeats for four minutes.

Of course, you’re always free to disagree with me. So listen to “Plans” below, courtesy of Noisey, and see what you think. Wick is out April 7. Pre-order it here or here

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