Exclusive Track Premiere: Phobia’s “Corpse Slayer”




Ever felt hate in your heart? Not irritation. Not “I hate it when I can’t find a parking spot.” Deep, stewing, virulent hatred. The kind of feeling that makes it all you can do not to seek out the source of your hate and make them watch while you beat one of their loved ones so hard there’s nothing left at the end but a puddle where their face should be. Hate that devours you, depletes rational thought, overpowers sanity. THAT kind of hate.

Ladies and gentlemen, MetalSucks is proud to present the soundtrack to that feeling: “Corpse Slayer,” by the always-terrifying Phobia. It’s not moshing music — it’s stabbing people in the motherfucking head music. It is seventy-seven seconds of pure, bitter animosity. It’s heavy and dark and chaotic and smoldering and everything you want in a cathartic grindcore release.

You will not hate it.

Check out “Corpse Slayer” below. The song will appear on Phobia’s upcoming album, Lifeless God, which drops June 2 on Willowtip. Pre-order it here (physical) or here (digital).

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