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Nachtmystium’s 2017 Live Lineup Revealed


Nachtmystium 2017

UPDATE, April 7, 9:14am EDT: MetalSucks reader Noeska S. has provided us with more information about Phenex, Nachtmystium’s new keyboard player. According to an entry on Metal Archives, he has appeared under the names Job Bos and Phenex, is the current keyboard player for Dark Fortress, spent time in Hate Meditation and has performed live with Satyricon, among others.

Original Post:

Blake Judd’s revived Nachtmystium has two live dates scheduled for 2017: July 8th at Festum Carnis in Wilseyville, CA and Louisville Deathfest on September 28th. The singer/guitarist vows he has been sober for over a year following his much-publicized struggles with addiction over the years.

Now Judd’s given word via Instagram on who he’ll be surrounding himself with for those shows, and it looks like this:

Austin Pumphrey
Jean-Michael Graffio (Drums, ex-Krieg, played on Nachtmystium’s 2008 EP Worldfall)
Martin von Falkenstein (guitars, Mosaic)

The above photo is the band’s first official shot since 2013, and features Pumphrey on the left and Graffio on the right. Falkenstein and Phenix weren’t available due to “geographic restrictions.”

We haven’t been able to turn up any information about Pumphrey and Phenix’s musical past, but Nachymystium have always been a terrifyingly good live act and we’ll assume Judd chose these fellas for a reason. Email news[at]metalsucks.net if you’ve got any intel.

We sincerely, sincerely hope Judd can keep his act together this time around. We’ll see.

NACHTMYSTIUM – March, 2017. Austin Pumphrey, Blake Judd, Jean-Michael Graffio. (not pictured due to geographic restrictions: Martin von Falkenstein and Phenex) First new promo photos since 2013. We are back. First shows this summer / autumn: July 8th, 2017 we headline @ Festum Carnis in Wilseyville, CA (Bay Area) we play ‘Eulogy IV’ and ‘Instinct: Decay’ in their entirety. Then we headline the first night of the annual Louisville Deathfest in Louisville, KY on September 28th, 2017. #nachtmystium #hatemeditation #twilight #usbm #blackmetal #psychedelicblackmetal #deathmetal #doommetal #progressivemetal #metalhead #metalguy #metalgirl #blackmetalguy #blackmetalgirls #darkthrone #mayhem #burzum #leviathan #xasthur #judasiscariot #theruinsofbeverast #mosaic #sanguisimperem #coldvoid #mammut

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