Kirk Hammett Digs In and Defends Lulu as “A Huge Success”


Kirk Hammett has made great personal strides of late, having broken Metallica’s long-standing “no politics” policy to rail against Fuhrer Trump’s white supremacist regime.

Unfortunately he still doesn’t believe in protecting the civil rights of the world’s earholes, and continues to insist that Lulu — the band’s 2011 collaborative album with Lou Reed — was a good idea.

Hammett dug in on that assertion in a recent interview with Chile’s HumoNegro.com:

“I think it’s one of the best things we’ve ever done. I mean, you can kind of call it a Metallica album, but it’s not really a Metallica album. I think that’s part of the reason why it’s so misunderstood. People were thinking it was gonna be an album of heavy metal songs with Lou Reed, but no — it was a collaboration. It was our two musical entities coming together to build something fresh and new and unique. And the fact that it turned out so unique was, I think, a huge success. And I love it. I still listen to it. I miss Lou; it’s a shame that he’s not with us anymore. But in retrospect, that’s one of the most important albums, I think, I’ve been a part of in my life. So that’s how I feel about it.”

I mean, OK… we all miss Lou Reed… but any sane person who listens to this and doesn’t run for the border is out of their mind:

Just stick to anti-Trump rants and pentatonic wah-wah solos from now on, Kirk… cool?

[via Blabbermouth]

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