Kids React to AC/DC


The latest video from the makers of Old People React to Slipknot, Kids React to MetallicaElders React to System of a Down, Kids React to Guns N’ Roses, and Teens React to Marilyn Manson is focused on AC/DC. This is the first one of these videos to revolve around a band so old that not only were the kids not born yet when they found success, but most of their parents probably weren’t born yet, either. It’s interesting to see how some of the kids just seem to fall in love with it immediately; it’s speaks to AC/DC’s talent for writing riffs so good they hit you on an undeniable, primal level.

There’s also a girl who observes that most of the songs sound more or less alike. Look for her to be doing my job in fifteen years.

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[via The PRP]

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