Shit That Comes Out Today: April 21, 2017

  • Phil Boozeman

MetalSucksers, I hope this letter finds you in good health. For at the time of this writing it is the 20th day of April, the day celebrated by many stoners as holy. What was once a day of joy and smoke for me is now a somber reminder of sobriety, the first in many years that I am unable to partake in the burning of the devil’s lettuce. However, with all poor fortune from the devil comes good grace given by the Lord. The good sir Neilstein hath reinstated my privileges of Jack Daniel’s water of life in the Mansion of our good website. Now, as I partake in this delicious nectar that was taken from me and now returned, I implore you to partake in the newest music of the day.

infaredhorizonArtificial Brain
Infared Horizon (Profound Lore)
On a playlist with: Rings of Saturn, Disfiguring the Goddess, The Black Dahlia Murder
Listen “Infared Horiozn” (here)

I’ve been playing lots of Mass Effect: Andromeda lately, and although the Geth aren’t in the game, I’m 100% certain that Artificial Brain are the band that the Geth listened to while they exterminated the Quarians. This band has a little bit of everything. They have the absurd blast beats and unintelligible vocals of Disfiguring the Goddess and the black/death metal-esque melodies of The Black Dahlia Murder, whose own Trevor Strnad has a guest spot on the title track. I wouldn’t exactly call this music easy to listen to, but if you’re writing a story about some cybernetic race annihilating the organics, then you need look no further for inspiration.

To The Gallows (Soulseller)
On a playlist with pretty much any ’80s rock band
Listen full album stream (here)

Although this might have been considered the devil’s music back in the ’80s, this would no longer be the case as for a band called Devil. But alas, not all music needs to be brutal and sometimes the upbeat stuff that sounds more rockish is pretty refreshing, and such is the case with this album. Devil’s To The Gallows also takes the cake for my favorite album artwork this week. So if you’ve found yourself stricken with some ’80s nostalgia, then give these dudes a try.

palekingPale King 
Monolith Of The Malign\ (Soulseller)
On a playlist with: Paradisa Lost, Morbid Angle, Hypocrisy
Listen “Monolith of the Malign” (here)

If you’ve read any of my writing over my years at MetalSucks then you know that melodic death metal makes me moist in between the legs, and Pale King are no exception. The title track on this album is melodic, depressing and powerful all at the same time. It’s a great blend of a few different styles of music so give these dudes a shot and you won’t be disappointed. However, be wary, because the track by (genericsoundcloudrappername) that plays after this one on SoundCloud is probably going to make you want to smash your speakers.

indeathIn Death
The Devil Speaks (Independent release)
On a playlist with: Disentomb, Born of Osiris, Thy Art Is Murder
Listen “Godzilla” (here)

Honestly, I didn’t realize that Australia had that much death metal. I was under the impression that it was all just thrash metal, Parkway Drive and Thy Art Is Murder. Fortunately for me, however, I am sometimes wrong. These dudes have the perfect raw recording sound of your favorite local band — and by extent, the recording quality that most black metal bands wish they had — and breakdowns that sound like Born of Osiris material, but without the ice cream truck sound effects. Unfortunately, however, if you got excited about any semblance to Gojira when you saw that the preview track was called Godzilla, then you will be disappointed. Also, these guys have the most Australian band shirt ever. All it says is “Don’t be a shit cunt.” And that’s absolutely beautiful.

nightdemonNight Demon
Darkness Remains (Century Media)
On a playlist with Iron Maiden, Kiss, UFO
Listen “Welcome To The Night” (here)

It’s a good week for ’80s throwback music. Night Demon’s Welcome To The Night is for any fan of Iron Maiden and is sure to put a pep in your step on even the shittiest of days. It also makes me feel like this band could have written the soundtrack for Sonic Adventure 2 and it would’ve been completely fine. There’s nothing like a that vintage ’80s sound in music and whether you love the decade or just the thought drives you crazy, this is a must-listen for metal fans both old and new.

Beyond Creation Earthborn Evolution (Vinyl) (Season Of Mist) listengameover
Blood Feast The Future State Of Wicked (Vinyl) (Hell’s Headbangers) listen
Crazy Lixx Ruff Justice (Frontiers Music) listen
Cryonic Temple Into The Glorious Battle (Scarlet) listen
Cult Of Luna Years In A Day (DVD)(N/A) listen
Daisyhead In Case You Missed It (No Sleep) listen
Death Angel Fall From Grace (Vinyl)(Metal Blade) listen
Disbelief  The Symbol Of Death (Listenable) listenmoonbowFarsot Fail – Lure (Prophecy) listen
Game Over Blessed Are The Heretics EP (Scarlet) listen
Ghost Bath Starmourner (Nuclear Blast Entertainment) listen

Heiress Restless Aim (The Mylene Sheath) listen
Incubus (Island) listen
Junkyard High Water (Acetate) listen
Labyrinth Architecture Of A God (Frontiers Music) listen
Lakeshore 41 (N/A) listen
Les Discrets Predateurs (Prophecy) listennothingleft
Moonbow War Bear (Ripple) listen
Mortiis The Great Corrupter (Vinyl) (MRI) listen
Mortör Burn Up The Dead (CDN Records) listen
Nine Shrines Misery (Mascot Label Group) listen
Nothing Left Destroy And Rebuild (Facedown) listen
Obelyskkh The Providence (Exile On Mainstream) listen

Porta Daemonium Serpent Of Chaos (Vinyl) (Blood Harvest) listen
Rhino Bucket The Last Real Rock ‘n’ Roll (Acetate) listensodom
Sodom Masquerade In Blood (Vinyl) (Wax Maniax) listen
Tehom The Merciless Light (Blood Harvest) listen
Thunder Rip It Up (earMUSIC) listen
Uneven Structure La Partition (Long Branch Records) listen
Vampire With Primeval Force (Century Media) listen
Vomit Remnants Hyper Groove Brutality (Unique Leader) listen
Weedeater God Luck And Good Speed (Vinyl) (Season Of Mist) listen
With Our Arms To The Sun Orenda (Fade To Silence) listen
While She Sleeps You Are We (N/A) listen
Zhrine Unortheta (Vinyl) (Season Of Mist) listen

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