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Rapper Tech N9ne Comments on Phil Anselmo and the Dimebash Nazi Salute Incident

  • Axl Rosenberg

Well, this sure is weird.

Earlier this week, rapper Tech N9ne (né Aaron Yates) posted the below photograph of himself and Phil Anselmo:


Subsequently, a fan in the comments below the photo took Tech N9ne to task for posing with Anselmo on account of the now-infamous “White Power” incident at Dimebash 2016. Tech N9ne, in turn, wrote the following response:


Mr. N9ne later added:


It’s hard to make heads or tails of that, but the gist of Tech N9ne’s comment seems to be that sometimes people do dumb shit when they’re younger and then they change, and they deserve a second chance. I think.

I’m so sick of discussing this, all I can really add is a much shorter version of everything we’ve said in the past:

  • Dimebash was not an isolated incident. Anselmo has a history of pulling stunts like this.
  • Subscribing to a white power YouTube channel five months after the incident was not a great look for Anselmo.
  • Yes people do change and do deserve forgiveness, and if Anselmo can make it through the next however many years without another incident, that’s great. No one wants to dislike Anselmo.

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Thanks: Timothy K.

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