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Did Foster the People Rip Off Every Time I Die’s Album Artwork?


Earlier this week we highlighted some recent examples of plagiarism in the metal album cover artwork world. While they were pretty obvious once pointed out it definitely took a trained eye to notice them in the first place, as most of the examples featured single elements of covers that were lifted, oftentimes modified, and then dropped into larger pieces.

Today’s example featuring indie pop act Foster the People’s new album artwork, placed right up against Every Time I Die’s recent release Low Teens, is way less subtle:

Every Time I Die Foster the People

Every Time I Die themselves brought the similarities to the world’s attention via Instagram, although they don’t seem terribly upset about it if their use of emojis is to be interpreted literally… just confused:

Is this an example of blatant plagiarism, subconscious inspiration, or simply a coincidence? Who knows. Foster the People have yet to release a statement on the matter, but we’ll let you know if they do.

Foster the People, in case you’re not familiar, had that song “Pumped Up Kicks” that was playing at every fucking bar in Williamsburg nonstop several years back. Here’s a new one of theirs followed by one from Every Time I Die’s Low Teens to get you back on track:

[via Lambgoat]

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