Goatwhore Announce New Album, Release New Song, are Still the Shit

  • Axl Rosenberg


Holy shit, the title track from Goatwhore’s new album, Vengeful Ascension, fucking RULES. It’s more traditionally-structured than a lot of Goatwhore songs, and, at least by this band’s standard, it’s downright melodic. But don’t think that means these dudes have pussed out on you. “Vengeful Ascension” is still all-caps EVIL. I feel like I need to consult an exorcist from having just listened to it. Quick, someone get me a cross with which to masturbate while I scream “Let Jesus fuck you!”

Check out “Vengeful Ascension” the song below. Vengeful Ascension the album comes out June 23 on Metal Blade, and can pre-ordered here! There’s a version that comes with a spell book. I would not fuck around with that shit, and I don’t even believe in spells.

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