Filter Guitarist Says Stone Temple Pilots Have Hired a Replacement for Scott Weiland

  • Axl Rosenberg

Stone Temple Pilots are determined to continue piloting stone temples*, sadly without the late Scott Weiland, mercifully without the punctual Chester Bennington. Rumored vocalists have thus far included Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour)a reality show contestant, and some random Fillipino dude; other, self-nominated possibilities have include Life of Agony’s Mina Caputo, Peter Dolving (ex-The Haunted), and, perhaps most promisingly, The Armed’s Dan Greene.

So who is the new singer for Stone Temple Pilots? After all this intrigue and drama, we’re finally gonna find out, if Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo is to be believed.

Reports Alternative Nation

“Lenardo wrote, ‘Feeling blessed I just got to see my friends from Stone Temple Pilots play a really tight set of classics.’ He also said, ‘I can’t comment on who’s singing but I can tell you he is one of the finest musicians and singers I’ve ever known. STP will reveal it in their own time.’”

As to where Lenardo wrote that, I dunno. Not on Facebook or Instagram. Maybe the post has been removed.

In any case, if the fact that Lenardo is in Filter got your hopes up that STP’s new frontman is Richard Patrick, in effect re-branding Army of Anyone, well, get those hopes back down: Lenardo has also worked with Jeff Gutt, the aforementioned contestant from the American Idol-esque program The X Factor.

Will anyone care about a Gutt-led Stone Temple Pilots? A Corey Taylor or Mina Caputo would draw attention because they’re already well-known and well-respected; hiring Gutt would be putting an awful lot of faith in the guy, who has some tremendous shoes to fill. If he doesn’t knock everyone’s socks off right from the get-go, fan interest could wane quickly.

Presumably we’ll see how this pans out soon enough. In the meantime, I hereby once again nominated Richard Patrick, Mina Caputo, and ESPECIALLY Dan Greene, who is clearly the ONLY real choice to replace Weiland:

*Or are the pilots made of stone? I was never quite sure.

[via Metal Insider]

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