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This New Blood Command Video is Trippy/Weird/Awesome


With MS Mansion Minister of Siqq Jamz Anso DF still on sabbatical, appreciation of Norway’s Blood Command falls by default to yours truly, a worshipper of siqq jamz to be sure, but without the stealth discovery tactics of our absent compadre.

Still, it takes no expert to recognize what’s so much fun about Blood Command’s poppy, post-hardcore ditties: anyone should be able to enjoy this stuff. It’s hooky and punchy and aggressive, and while it doesn’t check the capital-M metal box, only the cargo shorts-wearing ponytails amongst you should have a hard time digging it.

So: new album Cult Drugs is out now on venerable Norwegian label Fysisk Format, and the band’s just released a video for the album track “(The World Covered in) Purple Shrouds.” This is my first time hearing the track, too, so it’s a double-whammy of new experiences: excellent Blood Command track that goes hard, bizarre, VHS-inspired video that’s a literal take on the track’s title.

Check it out below and order Cult Drugs here or at Bandcamp.

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