Celebrate the Arrival of Nice Weather with Vespera’s Appropriately-Named “Bloom”

  • Axl Rosenberg

At least in MetalSucks’ neck of the woods, it appears as though nice weather has arrived at last. THANK DIO. I don’t think I could have waited a day longer.

How appropriate, then, that Seattle’s Vespera have released a new song called “Bloom.” Even the track’s energetic-yet-bittersweet vibe is perfect for Spring’s tardy arrival, because as exciting as it is to have good weather, it’s considerably less exciting to be suffering from allergies.

Ha-CHOO! Excuse me. Sorry. What as I saying?

Ah, yes. Vespera. “Bloom” will appear on the band’s debut album, The Thoughts That Plague You, which was produced by Taylor Larson, who is best known for his work with Periphery. The band’s selection of producer gives you a sense of their sound; there’s clearly a strong Tool influence here, too. If you’re as bummed as we are that Textures are breaking up, this should make you feel at least somewhat better; one door closes and another one opens and all that.

Check out “Bloom” below, courtesy of Billboard. No word on when The Thoughts That Plague You will be released, but it should be later this year.

[via Metal Injection]

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