Unsigned and Unholy: Fox Territory, Ezerath, Malsumis


Degressive Fusion is the perfect name for the debut album by Fox Territory. The Czech band draws influence from all over the progressive map, but blends it all into a jazzy, fusiony (duh) mix that ends up feeling like a simplification of what we’ve come to call “progressive” in its relatively barebones approach. Hear for yourself!

Ezerath is the solo project of Jeremy Vocino-Montpetit, who has done an excellent job of crafting thick, expansive, powerful and technical black metal that doesn’t veer anywhere towards the “atmospheric” spectrum. Overture: The Heir Apparent will see a release in June, and for now there’s one track from the album posted; crank it below.

Alaska’s Malsumis take a much more raw and earthy approach than the above, with fuzz-encrusted, wall-of-sound, buzzsaw guitars up against drums that swing and a varied, nuanced vocal approach. Malsumis are the black metal band you’d want to see performing inside a dilapidated old barn in the woods… or a sweaty, cramped basement — either works!

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