Ghost Set to Record New Album in August


Ghost — or frontman/onlyman Tobias Forge, as it were — have been teasing their next album since January, eyeing a possible release before the end of 2017.

In a recent interview with Rock Feed, a Nameless Ghoul — typically just Forge in a different costume — revealed that he’ll be hitting the studio in August:

“Obviously we’re doing this tour for another six weeks I think and come August 14th, it’s not gonna be a big day for mankind but it’s going to be a big week for myself because I’m going into the studio and we’re going to start recording the new album.

“The rest of the fall is going to be recording. While it’s not going to be a big event for all y’all, it’s going to be a big event for us.”

Look: whatever happens with the pending lawsuit against Forge brought by the band’s former members, and despite the fact that the veil of mystery has been lifted, I don’t expect interest in the band to tail off one bit this time around. Ghost have been as successful as they have because a) they’ve been able to reach a fanbase outside of metal (that by and large likely doesn’t follow day-to-day gossip), and b) they write excellent songs. I don’t expect either of those things to change, and I think Ghost’s next album will be their biggest yet.

While a 2017 release isn’t completely out of the question, it seems this thing will most likely be pushed into the early part of 2018 given Forge’s qualifier that “the rest of the fall is going to be recording.” We will, of course, keep you posted.

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