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August Burns Red Made an Audition Video for Family Feud


Let’s talk Family Feud hosts for a moment, shall we? Richard Dawson was the all-time best and fuck you if you disagree; no one will ever top his on-camera drunkenness, blatant hitting on every woman on the set and general scumbaggery. John O’Hurley (better known at J. Peterman on Seinfeld) did a fine job in the late ’00s, but it feels as if everyone else who’s had the privilege of shouting “And the survey says!” since Dawson has simply been keeping the seat warm for Steve Harvey, who has the perfect mix of charm, humor and flippancy. Too bad he’s a piece of shit in real life.

In any case, August Burns Red are making a case for themselves as a “family” on a future episode with an elaborate and hilarious audition video they shot together with metal YouTuber Jarrod Alonge. The only past example I can find of a band competing on Family Feud is a 2016 episode featuring The Band Perry — who are an actual family — but maybe the show will make an exception after seeing this clip. And there’s always Celebrity Family Feud, too, for which the bloodline rules seem a bit more relaxed. I don’t even like August Burns Red, but I’m rooting for ’em to make it on! Watch the audition video below.

Speaking of metal celebrities on game shows, don’t forget about that time Killswitch Engage’s Adam D. won it all on The Price is Right; you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll celebrate.


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