Lionize Announce New Album with Fun Song/Video “Blindness to Danger”


Lionize have always fallen into that category of “bands that aren’t really metal at all but metalheads seem to like.” That’s not a blanket statement, of course, but I enjoy them a whole lot. My legitimacy as a metalhead has certainly been called into question by this site’s commenters quite often, but it seems plenty of other folks dig Lionize, too; y’all have had some good things to say whenever we’ve written about them in the past.

If you’re unfamiliar with Lionize, these guys are highly worth a listen if you’re a fan of bluesy riff-rockers like Clutch, The Sword, Red Fang, etc. They also bring some serious reggae/dub vibes to the table, and there aren’t any other active bands in metal-related spaces doing anything close to that. (Side note: can someone please nudge the guys in Dub Trio to make music again? Thanks)

Either way, the band just announced their new album Nuclear Soul, and the first single “Blindness to Danger” has just been released via Team Rock along with a fun, light-hearted music video. The song is heavier on the rock and lighter on the reggae this time around, and the video… well, man, what an unfortunate ending! I don’t wanna ruin the fun for you, though; listen and watch for yourself.

Nuclear Soul comes out September 8th; pre-order here.

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