Rob Zombie on People Who Buy CDs: “You Sound Like Your Grandparents.”


Rob Zombie is 52 years old. But while many of his peers are still complaining about how the music industry ain’t what it used to be, Zombie is firmly rooted in the present: he doesn’t give a shit whether you buy his music or not.

Check out the following quote from a recent interview Zombie gave Kerrang:

“I like making [music]. I’m different than like a lot of people I hear talking. I don’t care if people are buying it. I’m sick of hearing about the old days. Who gives a shit? Talking about CD’s, it’s like you sound like your grandparents talking about CD’s. Drop it, man. Fucking boring topic. Make it—I don’t care if they steal it, whatever they can—I prefer they sneak into the store and steal the vinyl. But if they choose to steal the download that’s OK too. But I challenge you, start stealing the vinyl if you’re gonna steal our music.”

It’s important to remember that Zombie is in a position of privilege, having been the beneficiary of a very healthy music industry that spent a ton of money on his path to fame; today’s new artists are not so lucky. Still, it’s refreshing to see that Zombie isn’t the latest in a long line of “old man yells at cloud” caricatures of aging rockers. This is the man that told haters of Babymetal to “troll harder,” after all.

[via The PRP]

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