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Victor Wooten Played Bass on the New Nitro Record!


If Nitro were anything, they were always completely, thoroughly and extravagantly over the top.

So why would their reunion be any different? In addition to the revelation that Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler joined Michael Angelo Batio and Jim Gillette on the new Nitro record comes the following bombshell: bass God Victor Wooten holds down the low end.

Wooten is a member of Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, but he’s mostly known for being a general bass badass in his own right, recognized for his distinct, over-the-top style and adored by music nerds the world over. Sound familiar?

And lest you think Wooten’s a complete stranger to the metal world, think again: last year he released an album with the progressive metal group Octavision. And really, someone like Wooten has every bit of business playing metal, anyway: he’s such a talented player, and he’s surely been around it his entire career… it makes perfect sense.

As for what Wooten’s role in Nitro will be, well, we’ll need to wait and see, but I have every bit of confidence that it will be completely fucking over the top… as long as it doesn’t overshadow what Batio and Gillette are doing, naturally.

Comments from the band members. First, Wooten:

“I’m so happy to be included as part of the new Nitro project. I’ve been a fan of Michael Angelo Batio for decades, [and] Jim Gillette and Chris Adler are just as amazing. They’re causing me to have to step up my game. Fans will be thrilled to hear what we are coming up with, I’m really excited about it!”


“I have been in awe of Victor for many, many years. His musical gifts, which are second to none, are matched by his ability to inspire. I am giddy, humbled and amazed to have the chance to share music with, and learn from, him. Hearing him play music — or even speak about playing music for that matter — is truly a gift. Playing this material with him is mind blowing, listening to what he brings to this is game-changing.”


“Victor is the best of the best! He is a legendary musician and the most amazing bass player I’ve ever heard. Beyond excited is an understatement. We can’t wait for everyone to hear what we’re coming up with.”


“To have Victor on board is a dream come true. The caliber of musicianship is beyond anything the metal community has ever experienced. This takes the term ‘supergroup’ to a whole new level. The metal gods are definitely watching over us.”

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