Listen: Decrepit Birth Save the Death Metal Day with New Song “Hieroglyphic”

  • Axl Rosenberg


Despite having a whopping twenty seconds of decent material, the new Thy Art is Murder song is still mostly, y’know, garbage. Luckily, Decrepit Birth have also released a new song, “Hieroglyphic,” thereby balancing death metal’s karmic scale once again.

Actually, scratch that — this doesn’t balance the scale so much as it kicks it over, jumps all over it, sets it on fire, pisses on it to put out that fire, then sets it fire again. Much like the thing after which the track is named, the coolness of “Hieroglyphic” will be immediately apparent even as you realize you probably need a PhD to understand it. I’ve had it on repeat for the past fifteen minutes, and I still haven’t memorized all the crazy shit that happens during its runtime… but I have moshed so hard as to leave indentations of my feet all over my floor. It’s that kinda song.

Listen to “Heiroglyphic” below! The track will appear on Decrepit Birth’s new album, which comes out Axis Mundi, on July 21 via Nuclear Blast. Pre-order it here.

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