Slipknot/Stone Sour Vocalist Corey Taylor on Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger: “He’s an Idiot”

  • Axl Rosenberg

To paraphrase the great Carl Weathers, “Now we got a stew going!”

Corey Taylor, frontman for both Slipknot and Stone Sour, has responded to Chad Kroeger’s recent crack that Stone Sour “sound like ‘Nickelback Lite.’” Asked about the remark during a recent interview with Arizona’s 98KUPD, Taylor said (transcript via The PRP):

“Here’s the deal, I’m sitting there trying to figure out how I was going to handle this, ‘cause it’s so funny.”

“So apparently he was just like a lil’ drunk and he snapped on Stone Sour, dude. Not only Stone Sour, but Slipknot.”

Responding specifically to Kroeger’s assertion that Taylor asserted that it’s easy to write a hit song, Taylor continued:

“You know what? I’ve never said it was easy to write a hit song. I don’t know what the hell planet he’s living on. Apparently it’s Planet Kroeger, because there must be good weed there, because he’s an idiot.”

“Here’s the thing, I was so cued up to say some stuff about him. And then I just started reading all the comments online. I don’t have to say a damn thing—he is not a liked person. That’s all we have to say about it.”

Which is ridiculous; if Planet Kroeger had good weed, Nickelback’s music wouldn’t be so heinous.

But I digress.

Taylor went on:

“This is what I would say, you can run your mouth all you want. All I know is I’ve been voted sexiest dude in rock wearing a mask—You’ve been voted ugliest dude in rock twice, without one, stick that up your ass.”

Taylor then said that his beef is only with Kroeger, not the other dudes in Nickelback; meanwhile, Stone Sour guitarist Josh Rand, who was also on hand for the interview, claims that Nickelback — and specifically Nickelback, not their label or manager or whomever — recently asked Stone Sour to open for them, but “we declined.” Assuming that’s true, it may be the actual source of Kroeger’s whining.

Or maybe he’s just being bitchy for the reason Taylor cited: “He is not a liked person.”

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