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Here’s The First Single from the New Myrkur Album

  • Axl Rosenberg


“Måneblôt” may sound like a Rorschach test made from horse hair, but it is, in fact, Norwegian for “Moonbreak.” I don’t know if that’s supposed to mean ‘the moon is broken’ or ‘taking a break on the moon’ or ‘taking a break from the moon’ or something else altogether, but I do know this: it is the title the gnarly first single from Myrkur’s new album, Mareridt (which means “nightmare”… noticing a theme here?).

As befitting a song with such a title, “Måneblôt” is by turns furious and ethereal, shifting between angelic vocals and more traditional black metal croaking, like if Enya was fronting Darkthrone. It’s also got a fantastic use of the fiddle.

Check out “Måneblôt” below! Mareridt comes out September 15 via Relapse, and can be pre-ordered here.

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