Thou May Have Very Well Saved a Woman’s Life

  • Axl Rosenberg

The stories we hear from bands’ time on the road tend to be scary, or scandalous, or both. So this is a nice change of pace, because it is scary, but it has a happy ending.

Josh Nee, drummer for Thou, has shared the following account on Facebook:

“I am, in general, proud of the people I am in this band with. You know, as people. I’m especially proud right now.

“We did (are currently doing) an overnight drive from Tacoma to Portland after our Tacoma show. We stop at a gas station in the middle of nowhere at 1am. Most everyone is asleep, but Mitch, Bryan, and I go in to use the bathroom / get a snack / whatever. I’m the first out and back to the van, Mitch not far behind. I get in and see Mitch stop and turn around, and then start walking towards the rear of the gas station, like he’s heard something.

“I open the door and can hear a woman screaming. I get out and follow him. We can hear more distinctly ‘Why are you doing this??’ ‘You’re hurting me!’, etc. We start running and yelling. Bryan is now out of the store following us. We turn the corner and see a guy beating up on a woman in a broken down car behind the gas station. He backs away, cursing us, and sees that there are now several of us staring him down. He walks off cursing us. The woman said he would have killed her. Even Andy, who has been asleep, had come running. We walked her back to the gas station, offering to call whoever she needed, but she declined.

“We didn’t do anything other than show up en masse, but it could have not happened had Mitch not been attentive, and it might not have mattered had Bryan and Andy not followed. I’ve been in this band, toured with this band for nearly 8 years now. I’ve never been more proud of my guys.”

Amazing. Good for these guys. In the movies, the dude assaulting someone is always blasting metal or hip-hop when he does it. Three cheers for Thou for doing a good deed and combating negative stereotypes about metal fans!

[via The PRP]

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