WSOU Picks of the Week: Paradise Lost, Galaktikon, Thy Art is Murder


Seton Hall University’s WSOU radio is the only all-metal, all-the-time station currently broadcasting in the US, and as been a force in metal for DECADES. It’s also streamable online from anywhere in the world! Each week, the staff of WSOU shares their picks for the heaviest of the heavy, as well as the station’s charts for that week, right here on MetalSucks. Enjoy:

Paradise Lost – “The Longest Winter” (Katie W.)

Paradise Lost put forth their best and heaviest foot with their newest single, “The Longest Winter.” As usual, the UK-based band offers no shortage of thick, metallic sounds or excitement as demonstrated by the otherworldly guitar orchestration and the ghastly screams and roars of frontman Nick Holmes. The opening grind of the guitar sets the hulking tone for the rest of the “The Longest Winter,” while the staggered pace allows for a more casual headbang. Holmes’ deep, superhuman voice drives the piece along to its calming end.

Galaktikon – “My Name Is Murder” (Dylan G.)

I know what you’re thinking: it’s a real bummer that we may never see more of Dethklok. Brendon Small’s Galaktikon project is as close as we’re gonna get. “My Name Is Murder” keeps up the amazing musicianship we saw in all of the Dethklok albums but without the over-the-top lyrics. Will this project continue as the metal satire piece that Dethklok was? I am excited to see where it goes.

Thy Art Is Murder – “Slaves Beyond Death” (Garren L.)

2017 is proving to be a good year for deathcore, and the new Thy Art is Murder track is a testament to that. While the new one may lack the rage of the latest Acacia Strain, it makes up for it with the speed and pure aggression it packs. On top of that, this song has a killer guitar riff that instantly puts you in the mood for moshing. If the rest of the new Thy Art is Murder album sounds like “Slaves Beyond Death” then it might be the best deathcore album released this year.

WSOU Radio Charts, July 10, 2017

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