Video: Jason Hook Becomes an Expert in Cat Conflict Resolution on My Cat from Hell

  • Axl Rosenberg

Being allergic to cats, and generally disinterested in reality programs about people’s pets, I was unaware that Animal Planet had a show called My Cat from Hell, which isn’t as metal as it sounds (it’s basically The Cat Whisperer or Cat Nanny 911). But apparently such a show exists! And, according to Metal Injection, a recent episode focused on Jason Hook.

It seems that Hook — best known to metalheads for his work with Hilary Duff, but also occasionally recognized as the guitarist for Five Finger Death Punch — had something of a The Brady Litter situation recently when he and his two cats moved in with his girlfriend and her two cats. Only instead of everybody basically getting along, the cats decided to try and murder each other. Enter “cat expert” Jackson Galaxy (né Solarsystem), who shares Hook’s tastes in fashion and grooming.

That’s about as far as I got before I decided to stop watching and start playing with my dog, but I assume they give the cats terrible haircuts and everything turns out basically okay.



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