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Adam “Nolly” Getgood Officially Leaves Periphery

  • Axl Rosenberg

It’s been well over a year since Periphery announced that bassist Adam “Nolly” Getgood would no longer be a touring member of the band. So no one should be particularly taken aback that Getgood has now announced he won’t be a member of the band in any capacity, touring or otherwise:

“A few weeks ago I came to the decision I didn’t want to continue as a member of Periphery. The Periphery guys are some of my best friends, I have nothing but high hopes for the future of the band, and I’ll always be a huge fan of the music, however after a year of not touring I became aware that I’m just not invested in the day-to-day decision-making and problem solving that constitutes so much of the reality of running a joint enterprise like Periphery. It’s simply not on my mind, and that’s not fair to the rest of the band, the band’s team, and everyone involved in making Periphery a success – and that includes you all too.

“The guys in Periphery are all incredible people and musicians, in their different and complementary ways. I know they’ll go on to achieve things I can’t even imagine, and I’ll be so happy to watch that happen.

“For my own part, I’ll continue to enjoy the more settled life at home with my wife, focussing on my production work and on GetGood Drums.

“I’ve got nothing but incredible gratitude for everything we experienced together and pride for what we accomplished. It has been an honour to play a role in something that has grown from humble origins to a genuinely genre-defining, internationally successful band. Thank you all for having me along for the ride. Really.”

Nolly was the second or third bassist the band has had since its inception. So as good as he is, I don’t think anyone should be too worried about Periphery’s future.

As for Nolly’s successor… no one has been announced yet. The band has been using a backing track in Nolly’s place since last year; maybe that will change now that Nolly has stepped away for good. Stay tuned…

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