Shit That Comes Out Today: August 4, 2017

  • Phil Boozeman

Chances are that if you’re reading this, I’m already drunk as piss floating down a river somewhere in the middle of Missouri. It’s exciting stuff, I tell ya. Float trips are always fun, unless you forgot sunscreen, bug spray and water shoes. Because then you’ll be a sunburned tick/mosquito farm with flayed feet. I’m serious. If you’re going on a float trip, bring water shoes or you’ll end up in the hospital. But you want to know what kind of vacation won’t kill you? The mental one you get by listening to new metal. Corny enough for you? Thought so. Let’s get down to it.

Sexual Panic Human Machine (Hell’s Headbangers)
On a playlist with Cemetary Lust, Abysmal Lord and Surgical Meth Machine
Listen: “Sexual Panic Human Machine”

With the album artwork and name of this record, I am amazed that Bonehunter aren’t called Bonerhunter instead, because that’s how I initially read the name. Bonehunter are a Finnish metal/punk outfit whose lyrical themes include bitches, destruction, horror and war. What’s not to love, right? They are the perfect blend of chaos to shake up your daily grind and if I had to make a guess, I would say that Sexual Panic Human Machine is pretty good friends with Al Jourgensen’s Surgical Meth Machine, which got my vote for album name of the year in 2016.

doomsideofthemoonDoom Side of the Moon
Doom Side of the Moon (N/A)
On a playlist with doom metal covers of other musical classics
Listen: Full album stream

If for some reason it weren’t immediately obvious, Doom Side of the Moon is a doom metal cover album of the Pink Floyd staple Dark Side of the Moon helmed by The Sword guitarist Kyle Schutt. The covers of “Money” and “Time” are spot on, and the rest of the album is equally impressive. It takes its own liberties with a timeless classic and makes the songs it’s own while not making them unrecognizable. Can you ask for anything better in a cover album? I submit that you cannot.

gettheshotGet the Shot
Infinite Punishment (New Damage Records)
On a playlist with First Blood, In Other Crimes, WolfxDown
Listen: “Blackened Sun”

If hardcore hasn’t been hardcore enough for you lately, then I suspect that the newest effort from Get the Shot will be right up your alley. Normally I’m not too fond of hardcore, but “Blackened Sun” grabs you by the balls and twists them until you can’t take anymore… then twists harder. This song hooked me the second it started, and you can bet your ass that whenever these dudes decide to roll through Kansas City, I’ll be there. If you’ve never been a big fan of hardcore, then check these guys out. I’d wager that they can change that.

41 (Outerloop)
On a playlist with Breaking Benjamin, Silverstein and Thrice
Listen: “History”

This is not a particularly heavy band, so if that’s what you’re looking for, then Lakeshore are not for you. But even though these guys are on the light side of the spectrum, they offer a good blend of ambiance and emotion that plenty of modern bands have both tried and failed to achieve. 41 is the band’s debut EP, and I have to say that even if these guys are not even remotely close to the type of music that I usually enjoy, I still expect and hope to see more of Lakeshore in the near future. Even though they have the whole semi-high-pitched clean singing thing going on, it manages to not be nasally and annoying. Major props for that.

sevenspiresSeven Spires
Solveig (Saol)
On a playlist with Secret Sphere, Unleash the Archers and Exmortus
Listen: “The Paradox”

I’m not quite sure how to feel about Seven Spires. The music itself is good, but I’m not sure that frontwoman Adrienne Cowan’s vocals really gel with the sound as a whole. She has the female version of good cop/bad cop screaming/singing going on and at it just detracts from the rest of the song when you hear death growls immediately offset by incredibly high-pitched singing. Don’t get me wrong, she has some great growls and has an incredible voice. The rest of the band isn’t bad either but until I hear more, I find it hard to call Seven Spires anything other than Arch Enemy super lite.

Accept The Rise Of Chaos (Nuclear Blast) listen
Battle Beast Bringer Of Pain (Vinyl) (Nuclear Blast) listen
Dead Cross Dead Cross (Ipecac Recordings) listen
Death Courier Demise (Vinyl) (Nuclear War Now) listen
Death Courier Demo + EP (Vinyl) (Nuclear War Now) listen
Deathhammer Phantom Knights (Vinyl) (Hell’s Headbangers) listen
Def Leppard Hysteria (Remastered) (Bludgeon Riffola/Mercury) listen
Eagles Of Death Metal I Love You All the Time – Live At The Olympia in Paris (Eagle Rock Entertainment) listen
Exit Eden Rhapsodies In Black (Napalm Records) listen
Gamma Ray Land Of The Free (Reissue) (earMUSIC) listen
Get The Shot Infinite Punishment (New Damage Records) listen
Lakeshore 41 (Outerloop) listen
Marty Friedman Wall Of Sound (Prosthetic Records) listen
Masterplan PumpKings (AFM) listen
Municipal Waste The Fatal Feast (Cassette) (Nuclear Blast) listen
Pristine Ninja (Nuclear Blast) listen
Quiet Riot Road Rage (Frontiers Music) listen
Russkaja Kosmpoliturbo (Napalm) listen
Shade Empire Poetry Of The Ill-Minded (Candlelight/Spinefarm) listen
The Winery Dogs Dog Years: Live In Santiago & Beyond 2013-2016 (Loud & Proud) listen
Thor Beyond The Pain Barrier (Cleopatra) listen
Wage War Deadweight (Fearless) listen
Warbeast Enter The Arena (Housecore Records) listen
While She Sleeps You Are We (Vinyl) (SharpTone Records) listen

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