Poll: What’s the Best Electric Guitar Company of All Time?


My first electric was a beat up old Gibson Les Paul Jr. on which I struggled to play basic chords. I got a Fender Strat for my Bar Mitzvah that inspired me to up my game, and I saved up all my sheckels and bought a PRS Custom 22 when I was in 19. Later I tacked on a crappy emerald green Ibanez RX I found on eBay because I wanted something with a Floyd Rose. I still have all of them.

If I had to choose, which one is my ultimate favorite? Further… which guitar company, of ALL the makers around the world both big and small, is the BEST for metal players?

Our sister site Gear Gods endeavors to find out the answer to that very question by conducting a very simple poll. We know you all are an opinionated bunch and there’s no shortage of guitar players in the MS readership, to get to it and vote. If you vote for the company that ends up winning you get bragging rights and a pat on the tuches.

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