These Metallica Load Hoodies, Sweatpants and Caps are the Ugliest Things Ever


There are those amongst the Metallica faithful who believe Load is the band’s best work.

There are even those amongst the Metallica faithful who believe Re-Load is their best work.

But I’ll be damned if there’s a single motherfucker out there who sees the new hoodies, sweatpants and skater caps by clothing brand Supreme and says, “Yeah, that looks SICK, I’d love to wear it!”

The new clothes feature the main design element of the cover artwork for Load — cow blood and artist Andres Serrano’s own semen mixed together — printed all over the surface of the garments.

They look hideous. They also rep an era of Metallica that most fans would like to forget. Although, to be fair, you would get to answer “Supreme Load!” is someone asked you what you were wearing. There’s a skate deck available too if you want one!

It’s worth noting that these items are not officially licensed Metallica merchandise. Serrano is credited, though, so it seems he was able to license the designs to Supreme on his own, perhaps without Metallica’s input.

Some jackass in Brooklyn is probably already wearing these while sipping a $16 cocktail at a douchey roof-top bar. Coming soon to a Bushwick storefront near you: a St. Anger speedo bathing suit. Just you wait!

Metallica Load sweatpants Metallica Load hoodie Metallica Load cap

[via Loudwire]

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