Former Korn Drummer David Silveria’s Hilarious/Depressing New Band, Core 10, Returns


The world has suffered a lot of injustices in 2017. But inarguably, the most tragic of those offenses was this: Core 10, the new band featuring former Korn drummer David Silveria, allowed the world to see their gut-bustingly awful music video for a song called “Act of Valor” this past April, and then pulled that video down from YouTube shortly after we covered it. There were hours and hours of joy yet to be culled from this wonderful clip, and to keep it hidden from the public ought to be a crime.

Hopefully, though, we’re all gonna have a chance to laugh our asses off a lot more real soon: the band has announced that they’ll release a new single and video, “Unforgotten,” on September 10. In the group’s defense, the below teaser for that song and video makes it appear as though they’ve stepped up their game in terms of professionalism. Not in the group’s defense, it still looks pretty bad.

Also, given that there’s also a newish “Act of Valor” video — this one concentrating solely on Silveria — it seems safe to assume that the band really has not learned their lesson. Sure, the video was bad even by the standards of independently made music videos from the ’80s, but the song wasn’t doing it any favors; if they’re still planning on using this track, we have to assume the band’s members continue to be in an overwhelming state of denial with regards to the quality of their work.

September 15 can’t come soon enough.

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