Stream War Gods of the Deep’s New Album Robots, Rockets and Rampage


War Gods of the Deep slow things down with their newest album Robots, Rockets and Rampage. With the marriage of rock and sludge metal, War Gods paint a picture of space-age conflict with images of death, honor, and sweeping devastation.

War Gods of the Deep astound me for their skill with visual imagery and aesthetic sound. As I was listening, something reminded me of Marvel’s The Mighty Thor, visions of caped heroes soaring in romantic-inspired costumes, fighting enemies that looked like something between magical construct and working machine. These songs were written to be listened to while reading comics.

In the “About” section of their website, the band describes some of their influences, one of these things being a love for bronze age comics:

“… we also adore bronze age Marvel comics, we love ’70s and early ’80s pulp, horror and sci-fi magazines. We are also infatuated with almost any and every horror or sci-fi movie ever to be released on VHS or Beta cassette. Oh, and we are also severely obsessed with the ’77-’85  Star Wars franchise.”

It suddenly made sense; those images felt far more concrete. Clearly this is a sound that’s been cultivated and bred with the intent of carrying a message, and the band has succeeded. Robots, Rockets and Rampage strongly reminds me of The Sword in that they have a unique sound that is communicative in design. It is something that is often attempted but rarely mastered, and War Gods of the Deep have either mastered it or gotten very lucky.

Stream Robots, Rockets and Rampage here on their website or below via Spotify.

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