War Gods of the Deep Take On Internet Trolls in “Life Coach” Video


Trolls. Haters. Reply guys. We’ve all encountered them, yet no one enjoys them one bit, to say the least. Shit, let’s be honest, we’ve all been those people at times, knowingly or not.

Chicago hard rock outfit War Gods of the Deep take on internet wise guys in their new song and video, “Life Coach,” keeping the message positive be acting as cheerleaders for the recipients of trolls’ ire. “You’re the greatest thing they’ll never be, a shining star for the haters to see,” frontman Rikk Currence belts in the chorus, while striking ironic rock star poses and mugging for the camera. Indeed, because couldn’t we all use someone on the sidelines cheering us on in life?

Check out the video, along with an entertaining intro sketch featuring puppets, below. War Gods of the Deep’s new album Action Space Hero is out now and available via the band’s website (physical) or Bandcamp (digital).

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