Behemoth’s Nergal Comments on Decapitated Gang Rape / Kidnapping Allegations


Decapitated’s peers have been mostly quiet about the kidnapping and gang rape allegations leveled against the band earlier this week. Whether metal musicians are afraid to express their true opinions for political reasons or they’re simply waiting for all the facts to come in, only they know, but my money’s on mostly the former: only in situations in which there’s a very cut and dry right and wrong do musicians typically enter the public fray, such as the Randy Blythe trial in the Czech Republic, and this situation is anything but cut and dry. Even in situations where you’d expect folks would be more vocal, like the Tim Lambesis case, most musicians kept quiet.

Behemoth frontman/guitarist Nergal, no stranger to legal troubles, has become the first high-profile metal musician to offer an extended opinion on the case (unless you count Frankie Palmeri, but we use the word “opinion” lightly because what goes on in that guy’s head is a mystery). His words in a post to Instagram are very, very measured. It’s clear he’s conflicted on the matter; on one hand, the guys in Decapitated are his friends and he wants to let the legal process play out for all facts to be revealed, but on the other hand he unwaveringly renounces forced sex. Still, the post mostly comes off as pro-Decapitated which, look, I get it: everyone wants to defend their friends. It’s human nature.

Here’s the statement:

“Touring life may get crazy every now and then. I was not on the Decapitated bus. I didn’t talk to anyone and I do not know the other people involved. I don’t want to speculate but I have learned in both my personal life and in many years of touring that people are complicated. I personally have never forced anyone to have sex with me and there should be a NO TOLERANCE policy used in such cases, no question.

“But I do know the Decapitated guys, and in my experience, they are bunch of good, decent and hard-working fellas. IF in fact they committed a crime, they will have to deal with the consequences but please keep in mind that only some of the people involved have had their voices heard thus far. So, PLEASE take a breath, count to 10 and THINK before you start stigmatising, accusing and judging them publicly for something they may not have even done!

“I was arrested, I spent night in a Russian jail where my passport and phone were confiscated. I know the feeling and I can only imagine what horror and trauma my friends and everyone involved are going through now. I profoundly hope this whole case will end up positive for them as soon as possible and they will return home safe. Stay strong and hold on tight!”

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