Album Premiere: Monolord, Rust


Over the course of two full-length albums (and an EP) in as many years, Monolord established themselves as frontrunners in the burgeoning retro-sludge scene. Only two years after their 2015 breakthrough, Vaenir, they return with their third full-length, Rust, which we’re pleased as a Big Muff to present to you today.

Rust displays all the hallmarks of what propeled Monolord to so quickly jump to the front of the crowded sludge pack: gargantuan fuzzed out riffs, psychedelic vocals and giant-sized vocal hooks. It’s hard to believe that in 2017 a sludge band is still able to kick out riffs we haven’t heard before — haven’t all the combinations of sludge-friendly notes been exhausted by now? — but somehow Monolord find a way yet again, and they do so in bombastic fashion. Production-wise, Rust is perfect; it’s as fuzzed out as any of the genre’s great records, but the mix is clean and even, allowing the drums and vocals to cut through. Most importantly, there are songs aplenty: you’ll be humming the riffs and vocal hooks immediately.

Stream Rust below, and purchase it here (physical) and here (digital) before its September 29th release via RidingEasy Records.


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