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Entheos Premiere New Song “Pulse of a New Era”


Entheos’ new song, “Pulse of a New Era,” is appropriately named, ’cause it’s immediately recognizable as a different animal from the rest of the group’s oeuvre to date. For a good chunk of its total length, the song is considerably more straightforward than those for which the band is best known. Which isn’t to say there’s a lack of excellent musicianship — but if their usual web-like array of tech-death-prog doodily-doo isn’t normally your thing, you might dig this more. The serpentine, predatory riff which dominates the first two minutes or so of the song could have come from a not-at-all-prog melodeath band. It eases you into its more Cynical elements, which don’t really begin to kick in until roughly the halfway point. When all that weirder shit which so many of us love finally overtakes the track, you’ll be fully acclimated.

Everyone who already loves Entheos: yeah don’t worry this song is the shit. It made me think my phone was ringing like three separate times before I realized the electronic guzheng sounds I was hearing were coming out of my speakers. I mean that as a compliment.

Check out “Pulse of a New Era” below, courtesy of Revolver. The track will appear on Entheos’ new album, Dark Future, which comes out November 10 on Spinefarm.

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