Two Members of Decapitated Extradited to Spokane, WA


Two members of Decapitated have finally been extradited from Los Angeles, CA, where they were arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, to Spokane, WA, where the crime allegedly occurred. All four members have been in a Los Angeles County jail since their initial arrest on September 8th.

The Spokesman-Review reports that drummer Michal Lysejko and guitarist Waclaw Kieltyka (“Vogg”) left Los Angeles for Spokane on Monday night, October 2nd. It isn’t clear why they were extradited separately from the other two members or why they were chosen first, but the band’s attorney Steven Graham says that singer Rafal Piotrowski and bassist Hubert Wiecek will be extradited at a later date.

A prominent criminal defense lawyer not involved with this case told MetalSucks in an interview last week that there is typically a 30-day window for extradition, so we can expect Piotrowski and Wiecek to join their bandmates in Spokane very soon.

Public court records for Spokane County confirm that Lysejko and Kieltyka appeared in court there on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.

The Spokesman-Review article reporting the extradition also reveals a new detail of the case that was not previously made public: according to court records, the alleged rape victim’s friend told police “she was almost a victim of rape herself, but was able to escape after kicking Piotrowski in the groin and running from the bus to her car.” She was pulled over shortly thereafter for suspicion of driving under the influence, which we already knew.

Another new detail to emerge involved an eyewitness account by a volunteer worker at The Pin, the venue where the show took place. From the Spokesman-Review:

But a volunteer of The Pin, 412 W. Sprague Ave., where the show took place, said that after the show and before they were in the bus, that the two women were “groping” and “all over” the lead singer and another member of the band, touching their backs, sides and chests – “feeling them up” – to the point where the men asked security if they needed to be kicked out.

He told police after clearing more equipment out of the venue that he saw through the bus doors one woman chugging a clear liquid, which he believed to be alcohol. Later, he saw both women standing outside of the bus door smoking a cigarette. He last saw the alleged victim’s friend walking west, talking on her phone. He told police she seemed more “(angry) than anything.

Further, the alleged victim filed a written complaint with the Spokane Police Department in which she expressed disappointment with their response:

“Why was there no pro-action when a young woman was crying for help (when) she just got raped by multiple men?” the woman wrote. “Can you please tell me how three squad police cars can show up to someone stealing, or petty theft, but when a woman’s dignity is being taken away from her the police men just drive away?”

More details as we get them.

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